November 2014

A Story of Synergy, Love and Faith

In late October, I had a 25 minute Soul Matrix Purification session with my friend, new colleague and soul sister Adelle Adonai. Two nights later, I had a dream that continued throughout the night, even after waking several times. The dream was vivid, magical and even somewhat terrifying. It starred a very large and powerful being named Metatron. In this dream, I developed an extremely intimate relationship with this overwhelmingly powerful being. I woke deeply affected by the dream, a little unsettled and deeply curious. There was no question that this dream was by divine design and meant to be considered very carefully.

The following morning, I shared the highlights of this dream with my husband, who immediately informed me that Metatron is a widely recognized Archangel. Now I know what you are all thinking, “how did she not already know this????” Well, it’s true, I didn’t know. I have been deep in the throws of my own awakening for years, and I spend many hours every week channeling, downloading and integrating my discoveries for myself and my clients. So while I often work directly with Angels in my practice, I only “know” the ones who show up. The name Metatron was new to me, and so my husband encouraged me to check him out on YouTube.

The next morning, a dear friend and colleague asked me to work on some issues for him. As I began working, a whole new layer of the chakra body was revealed to me. Within each of my friends chakras, I discovered, what I could only describe at the time, as a round net. At several of the junctures within the net were all sorts of “things:” memories, karmas, pain, judgments, criticisms, fears, programs, ancestral influences, beliefs, values, stories… and the list goes on. The beauty really unfolded when I found that I could remove many of these imprints that were stuck to the net. The more imprints I released, the more translucent the net became. And finally the net was so clean and transparent, nothing could stick to it. Ahhhh!

Whenever another veil is lifted, I do a little happy dance and get really excited to share with my clients. The following day was no different. My second client of the day was one of my most loyal and devoted clients, and I was really excited to surprise her with my new discoveries. But the surprise was for me! I was anticipating to work with her chakra “nets,” but when I put my hands on her ankles, I was overwhelmed to discover that she was laying on one giant net. I explained it to her like this, “imagine that you are laying in the center of a large trampoline, but that instead of a solid fabric, there is a very elaborate and beautiful net below you and all around you.” From there, our session was absolutely incredible. And as my day passed, the “net” made its appearance several more times, as did several gigantic and brilliant light beings. It was a wonderful day and my clients received many remarkable blessings. Another huge release! Ahhhhh!

Then I began to wonder about this “net.” Could this be the soul matrix? Could my session with Adelle have gifted this new vision to me? Perhaps. Once my dinner break came around, I realized that I only had 30 minutes, and not enough time to run home. So I decide to take my husband’s advice from a couple of days ago, and google “Metatron.” YouTube had many offerings, but what immediately caught my eye was a little screenshot from one of the videos on the right sidebar. The picture was an almost perfect representation of the “net” that had quickly become a predominant part of my day. The quality is poor, and I couldn’t find a better one, but here is the image:

I didn’t have time to listen to the video, as usual, but at that moment I knew that there was something very synergistic happening, so I texted Adelle and layed out the recent events for her. Her response was immediate, “OMG! That’s amazing!” Adele went to share this: “He is my guide! Melek Metatron is the “Eye of God”, the creative principle in the universe. The divine presence, God’s living light of action, is expressed through Melek Metatron. Beings who were created by Melek Metatron have been teachers and guides in many incarnations. In the duality, these human beings can often think that they feel and see too little. Sometimes their distinct intellect is in their way, and some can allow feelings only with difficulty. When these human beings expand and awaken, though, then they are unstoppable. Often they are very steadfast human beings with enormous realizations and great knowledge.” All I could think was: Oh, Divine Love! Thank you!

Nicole Mark
Founder, The Awakening Healing Arts Center

November 2014

Welcoming ArchAngel Metatron

Following the divine experience above, I decided to meditate and to invite Metatron to work with me. I figured it might be time that we get to know each other better. His presence was known immediately. He shared many insights with me and spoke with me about my own personal path and challenges. It was lovely. He encouraged me to connect with my “truth” far more often throughout the day than I have been, and to, ultimately, walk my own talk ALL of the time (ouch!). Most importantly, he instructed me to transcend all of my worries, through my own unyielding faith, confident that I will always be provided for on every level. I was pumped and declared “Okay. I’m on it!” And then I felt my first failure ready to make an appearance.“How do I know you are real?” I thought. (Did I just say/think that?)

With this sense of doubt, I immediately started reflecting on an experience I had a few years ago when learning to work with the Akashic Records… the records were speaking to me, and yet I found myself having doubts. I asked my teacher (is this now that you asked her or years ago?), Veronica Lee, “how do I know that I’m not just making this all up?” She gave me the best advice. She said, “Nikki, the next time you talk to the records, I want you to ask them to write you a love letter.” So I did. And they did. And when I read the letter out loud in front of the group (what group?), which included my husband and our very close friend, it was one of the more bittersweet moments of my life. My husband, our dear friend and everyone I knew in that room, understood (without one shred of doubt) that I could never have written a love letter to myself like that.

As I came back from that memory, Metatron (totally undeterred by my show of weakness) spoke to me saying, “I will sing you a song, to prove to you that I am real.” He started to sing a song called, “Down in the Valley.” I have heard my husband sing that song before. Why did Metatron pick that song of all songs? And I said, “Can you please sing me a song that I’ve never heard?” And he did. And it was so beautiful that when I shared what I could remember of it this morning, I cried. After he sang the song to me, he asked me to keep myself in the present moment and to always be mindful of what I tell my clients every single day. He spoke to me again, saying: “You are a soul, in a skin body, having a sensational experience on the earth for a very limited period of time, and you are the envy of all souls without a vessel of their own.” He told me to never lose my faith and made promises to me that if I keep my faith flowing he would continue to reach out with affirmations. And of course, I’m all in!

The following morning, I woke up happily thinking about Metatron, connecting to my truth and reaffirming my faith. And as I lay in bed waiting for the time when I would get up and rouse my children from their slumber, my beautiful daughter walked into my bedroom, naked as the day she was born and playing a harp. The harp has been in our family for well over a decade, but I haven’t seen it used in at least a year, so I was very surprised. Where did she find it? She said she had awakened early, and that she was hoping to wake me up with her song. She looked disappointed that I was already awake, so I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep for her. She started her song from the beginning, and just when I thought my faith was as intact as it could be, she re-started my day by playing me awake to “Down in the Valley.”

Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you. I have been so blessed. Again and again. I can’t wait to see what will be next.

Thank you, Metatron. Thank you, Adelle. Thank you, Japheth. Thank you, Siobhan (who is this? she is not mentioned anywhere else in this article). Thank you, Sarina. And Thank you, God!

Nicole Mark
Founder, The Awakening Healing Arts Center

August 2014

Introducing Transcending Resistance Healing Circles

Many years ago, I was attending a Yuen Method workshop in Long Beach, California when I met Paul Wong, an energy worker from Chicago. This was Paul’s first Yuen Method workshop and he was full of questions and enthusiasm as he dove head first into the work of Dr. Kam Yuen. We started a friendship that weekend and have managed to support each other on an almost weekly basis ever since. Last year, after spending several months at Amma’s ashram in India, Paul created a new healing method that integrated his newly found sense of spirituality with numerous healing modalities in which he is certified. He calls his method “Open the Heart” (OTH).

Paul spent close to half a year traveling around Europe, teaching his method to energy workers and to anyone else who was interested in learning. His method gained popularity quickly because of its simple application and powerful results. One day he tried the method on me and I was immediately impressed. I asked him to teach me. He laughed and told me I would have to learn it the same way I had told him he would have to learn the Yuen Method when we first met… “by osmosis.” And so I did. I immediately began using and modifying the method in my private practice, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

After a time, I began to suspect that the work I was doing on an individual level may be even more powerful in a group. I created a focus group and we discovered that the work is exponentially more powerful in a group setting. This realization deepened my commitment to move my office to a larger space so I can offer these group healing events on a regular basis. Today, I am ready to offer group healing circles with the method I now call “Transcending Resistance.” On select Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm, I invite you all to join me for an hour of energetic healing, where will work as a group to open our hearts and to expand our consciousness.

Nicole Mark
Founder, The Awakening Healing Arts Center

July 2014

Awakening In Our New Healing Arts Center

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to announce that The Awakening Healing Arts Center has a new home: 9722 Fair Oaks Blvd., Suite D. This is just across the parking lot from our old office.

I have absolutely loved my office location and, as dozens of you have remarked, it had great vibes that just kept on giving and giving. Going to work has been pleasurable for me each and every day because the old office was so comfortable, soothing and beautiful. Because of that lovely healing space, many of you experienced profound shifts in your consciousness, and so have I.

As my consciousness has continued to expand, the vision for my future, and for the future of my business, has expanded as well. That vision includes the opportunity for me to teach a variety of classes to both clients and to other practitioners. I have also envisioned creating a space where other practitioners who are inspired to share their special gifts may do so in comfort and joy. And finally, I have been called to offer “Transcending Resistance” healing events for families, small groups and charities, something that simply could not be done in the old space.

With this ever expanding vision in place, I have been avidly seeking a new location where my business could transform into its own divine creation. After searching for almost a year, I finally found the perfect spot, and it is no coincidence that the new location is just 50 feet from the old one! There is something special about the vibration of the Beachwood Professional Complex in Fair Oaks. And when a particular new vacancy became available, I jumped on the opportunity. After months of planning- and some extensive construction to make the office my own- we moved into the new space on June 28, 2014.

I love the new space and I can’t wait for you all to see it, feel it and know it! We will be hosting a celebratory gathering in the Fall at our new offices, where you will be gifted with a free healing event and have an opportunity to meet many of the new practitioners who are sharing their incredible talents with The Awakening Healing Arts Center now. Stay tuned for more details about the date for this event. It will be announced in the next newsletter, and I sincerely hope that you all will join us!

It is a great honor for me to share the celebration of our new space for healing, expanding and awakening with your beautiful, beautiful souls. May you all find peace and expansion in our time spent together,

To Your Awakening,

Nicole Mark
Founder, The Awakening Healing Arts Center


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