Welcome to The Awakening Healing Arts Center. We host a variety of practitioners here, all of whom are committed to serving our community in the healing and transformation of the body, mind and spirit. We trust that you have been guided to this site because you have either been nudged or shoved in the direction of discovering the next step in your own personal evolution. Whether you are new to vibrational medicine, or you are an experienced and successful lightworker hoping to achieve the next level of personal mastery, we have a program for you at The Awakening Healing Arts Center. All of our programs access the highest levels of the field and support our clients at their highest level of being, in alignment with their own inner guidance.

web9If you are new to energetic healing modalities, you may be seeking an alternative approach to western medicine or western mental health care. You may be someone who has been resistant to medications or even someone who is taking far too many medications and would like to find a different path toward wellness. You may be someone who’s been diagnosed with a serious health problem and you are not finding clear solutions with your medical team, or perhaps the solution your medical team is offering seems too invasive or disruptive to the natural flow of healing. Or perhaps you’re the adventurous type, and you know through your own intuition that there are solutions to common health and wellness issues that aren’t being discussed in mainstream culture. Regardless of why you are seeking something “outside of the box”, you’ve made a great discovery in finding The Awakening Healing Arts Center. At The Awakening Healing Arts Center we strive to bring forth a multitude of gentle, safe and effective healing modalities that can support your movement through the healing process. We welcome you to browse our website and to look for a practitioner that aligns with your goals and values. Please feel free to reach out to any of our practitioners through telephone, text or email with any questions or for a brief telephone consultation. We trust that you have found this website for a reason. We trust that you are ready to embrace your life in a whole new way. We trust that you are ready to awaken ans to discover. Welcome… and namaste!

meditation-grid_thumbOf course not everyone discovering this site for the first time will be new to Energy Medicine. Perhaps you have been healing the body with natural remedies  and a healthy lifestyle for years. Perhaps you’ve already discovered the many benefits of meditation or prayer. Perhaps you consider yourself to be a highly intuitive being and you’ve been exploring and working with your intuition for some time now. If you are browsing this site, it is possible that you are ready to take your healing path or consciousness expansion to the next level, or perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock on your journey and you need some help with breaking through that barrier that always seems to get in your way. Regardless of your past experience with natural remedies, healthy lifestyle or energetic medicine, we can help you achieve that next layer of success on your journey. We can accelerate your Awakening process, we can fine-tune you’re energetic alignment, we can clarify your own powerful intuitive insights. At The Awakening Healing Arts Center we are always working at the highest level of the field. If you are ready for the next great shift in your life, we can help you get there. That’s what we do. It’s what we specialize in. And because you’ve had such a dynamic history with your own healing path and with dabbling in different healing modalities, your past experiences have primed you to experience a great leap in awareness and wellness when working with one of our more experienced practitioners. As you already know,  you wouldn’t be browsing this website if you weren’t ready to ask for help. We commend you for the high level of commitment you  have to your healing, wellness and divinity. We invite you to seek out assistance from whichever practitioner resonates most purely with your heart, and to be guided along your path in loving support. Namaste.

And finally, If you are a lightworker or an experienced practitioner in the  Healing Arts and you find  that you have been guided large doorwayto this website, we can assure you that you are not alone. A great number of healing artists and wellness practitioners are being guided at this time to take their own personal healing and wellness, as well as their business practices, to the “next level”. Even if you are someone who feels that you have mastered your craft or if you perceive yourself to have perfect health and wellness, it is very likely that there’s a program at The Awakening Healing Arts Center that will support you in an unexpected way. And if you have been  divinely-guided to seek support and clarity as you move through this next shift in consciousness and alignment with the new Earth resonance, you’ll be excited to discover that we are working with the highest vibrational frequencies and healing methods currently known to humanity. We have been blessed with access to the newest and most effective ascension codes in the world, and we are committed to sharing them with as many light workers, shadow workers, healers and shamans as we can connect with in this lifetime. For more information about these Mastery Level Programs, reach out to Isis Melchizedek, the founder of The Awakening Healing Arts Center,  for a free consultation and a detailed description  of how you can expect to be supported on your journey toward liberty, sovereignty and freedom. Namaste.

web16At the Awakening Healing Arts Center we are proud to offer services from some of the finest healing artists in the region. They offer services such as Color-Puncture, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Chakra Balancing, Body Talk, Sedona Method, OTH, Release Technique, Reflexology, Life Coaching, Reiki, Massage, Ayurvedic Counseling, Essential Oil Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Intuitive Medicine and Counseling, Akashic Record Readings and more! You can find detailed information about each practitioner by clicking on their name below, and contact the pracitioner directly to schedule an appointment. Thank you!

_DSF3508_crop   Isis Melchizedek, Vibrational Therapist

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Elsa Dooling, Consultant

ramaRama Gulati, Facilitator


Nancy Louise Garcia, Life Coach

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