Doris Johnston – Blyss Method Practitioner

Doris Johnston – Blyss Method Practitioner

Doris Johnston is a trained Blyss Method energy and vibrational healer. She has been engaged in energy healing since 2013 as a receiver of this amazing method and as a practitioner since March 2017.  Doris uses energy; intuition; consciousness expansion and the metaphysical realm to heal physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain. Doris is a certified Reiki Master and Chinese Energetic Healer.

Doris volunteers at the Veterans Administration Woman’s Clinic as an energy healer.  She lives in Folsom with her beloved canine, Casey.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Doris call or text  916-521-1300.

Special buy two or more 1-hour sessions for $60.00.  That’s 25 percent off the single session price of $80!

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