Nikki Nagaraj, Master Teacher of Golden Age Healing Arts

_DSF3508_cropFounder of The Awakening Healing Arts Center and Creator of the BLYSS Method

Although her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities have been with her since early childhood, Nikki began her studies of holistic wellness in 1992 while earning her B.A. in San Francisco, California. She trained in numerous healing modalities, such as: Color-Puncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Akashic Records, Release Technique, Sedona Method, OTH, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Herbalism, Bradley Method and more. Over the years, she witnessed countless healing miracles and radical lifestyle shifts in her clients. And she herself “miraculously” survived cancer and paralysis utilizing vibrational healing tools. As her field of vision grew and her abilities to channel divine wisdom and insight expanded, she found herself integrating all that she had learned and experienced into a new healing modality known as Blyss Method. She is now a Master Teacher of Blyss Method, a Certified Bio-Energy Field Transmission Specialist, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Quantum Therapist who specializes in Consciousness Expansion and Vibrational Medicine. Her greatest passions in life are loving her children, teaching vibrational medicine and being in service to individuals, families and communities all over the world.

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Private Sessions with Nikki Nagaraj

Currently, Nikki is accepting new telephone clients only. Office visits are only available to existing clientele and are very limited due to her travel schedule. Her phone sessions are designed to be quick, powerful and supportive to her clients in breaking through their most stubborn issues. Her main objectives as a healing artist are:

to protect… working at the highest levels of vibration and consciousness, it is imperative to establish a safe, purified and protected space within which she can examine and modify a persons bio-energy field, therefore clients will always be shielded from discordant energy forms such as EMFs, curses, spells, astral objects, implants, disruptive shielding, psychic relationship cords, entities, spirit attachments, demons, ancestral alignments and other off planet energetic siphons

to stabilize…  the most common reason for mental, emotional and physical discordance or instability is a failure to properly ground the bio-energy field to the Earth’s core and an alignment to false light energy sources, so Nikki clears all the blockages that stand between her client and the Earth’s core and TRUE SOURCE – taking you all the way in both directions, creating consistency and stability in your field

to neutralize… if you are suffering, you are not neutral to the trigger that causes you to suffer, therefore you are attracting the agitating event into your field through the law of attraction – for this reason, Nikki will clarify your triggers with divine insight, and use them to bring neutrality into your body -mind – spirit complex, which will create flow where there once was resistance, and thereby end the cycle of suffering

to liberate… most suffering is created in the mind from dysfunctional thinking / reacting / believing programs that play themselves out over and over again, keeping one stuck in a patterned loop of behaviors that lead to discomfort in all aspects of life – Nikki zeros in on those unhealthy mental / emotional programs and eliminates them from your bio-energetic blueprint, while replacing them with programs of infinite potential for self-awareness and unconditional love

to illuminate … through spiritually guided consciousness teachings, channeled insights and the opening of energetic pathways that have been blocked by heavy emotions and trauma, Nikki will expand your capacity to hold light in your bio-energy field, which will result in an expanded awareness, enhanced natural talents and abilities and healing on all levels of existence

to accelerate… by cleansing, purifying and expanding the bio energy field, Nikki will create space for more light,  and the more light you have in your field, the higher your vibrational frequency will be, and the healthier and happier you will become

to upgrade… once you have a achieved a certain level of wellness and your vibration has reached a healing plateau, it is important to stabilize at that state of being, which is where most healing modalities and therapists fall short – Nikki is specially activated to give your bio-energy field an “upgrade” that will increase your potential for ever lasting change and long-term success in all aspects of life and love

and to integrate… during a typical healing session it is not uncommon to have your chakras aligned and  balanced, your meridians accelerated and restored, your auras expanded and cleansed, your consciousness fields purified and reprogrammed, your intentions clarified and your abilities enhanced – and to be sure you maximize the benefits of these amazing corrections, Nikki will integrate the new energetic signatures to coherently flow throughout all layers of your being, from the sub-atomic to the cosmic, as they support you at your very highest level of being

Private Sessions Pricing:

Private Sessions can be brief and affordable to accommodate clients who have busy schedules and who enjoy regular visits to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Most sessions will include an intuitive assessment followed by an energetic alignment, but may be modified as necessity and time allows. Longer sessions are available upon request.

30 minutes……….$120
45 minutes……….$180
60 minutes……….$240

On-Site Appointments (within 10 miles of the office):

Ceremonial House Blessing 1 hour……….$280
Energetic House Cleansing and/or Ceremonial House Blessing 2 hours……….$520

Executive Level Coaching, Alignment and Support:

Executive Level Sessions are designed for clients that are serious about improving their life circumstances but have very little time to spare. Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation looking for outside leadership advice or the CEO of your busy home trying to find balance between career, family, marriage, health and finances, you will find great benefit from these intensive private sessions. We will cover all areas of concern in your professional, personal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.


***all prices are subject to change without prior notification

Please contact Nikki by phone at 916-801-8211 or by email at to schedule an appointment!

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