Nicole Mark, Master Practitioner and Educator of Vibrational Medicine

_DSF3508_cropFounder of The Awakening Healing Arts Center and Creator of the BLYSS Method

Nicole began her studies of holistic wellness in 1992 while earning her B.A. in San Francisco, California. Isis was inspired to study color-puncture after experiencing profound healing results while being treated with the method for a paralyzing neuro-toxic illness. After completing a color-puncture course with the Colorpoint Institute in Colorado, she began using color-puncture on herself, her friends and her family with remarkable results. Integrating color-puncture into her Quantum Therapy practice was a natural step for her to take. Her color-puncture treatments now combine with essential oil treatments, Chinese energy medicine and other esoteric healing methodologies to provide a unique and comprehensive healing experience.  In addition to Color-Puncture Therapy, Isis offers Quantum Therapy for Individuals, Executive Coaching, Esoteric Business Coaching, Akashic Record Readings and Gemstone Healing Consultations. She has trained in Chinese Energetic Medicine (Yuen Method™), Master of Reiki, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbalism, Akashic Records, Bradley Method™, Color-Puncture, Sedona Method (Release Technique), OTH and Reflexology.

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Treatment Prices for Private Sessions with Nicole Mark

Treatments may include any combination of the following: color-puncture, essential oil treatment, Chinese energetic medicine, Reiki, chakra balancing, life coaching, intuitive counseling, and more. Nicole bases her treatment protocol on the client’s current needs. Any services are available upon request.

Private Sessions:

Private Sessions are brief and affordable to accommodate clients who have busy schedules and who enjoy regular visits to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Most sessions will include a quick intuitive assessment, energetic alignment and color-puncture, but may be modified as necessity and time allows. Longer sessions are available upon request.

Initial Consultation and Private Session 1 hr and 15 min… $320
Private Session 1 hour… $240
Child Session (limited to kids 17 and under) 30 minutes… $120

Executive Level Coaching, Alignment and Support:

Executive Level Sessions are designed for clients that are serious about improving their life circumstances but have very little time to spare. Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation looking for outside leadership advice or the CEO of your busy home trying to find balance between career, family, marriage, health and finances, you will find great benefit from these intensive private sessions. We will cover all areas of concern in your professional, personal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

Executive Level Initial Session and Consultation 2hr Session……….$480
Executive Level Session 1.5 hours……$360
Executive Level Session 30 minute phone call……….$120

At your home or office:

Executive Level Session 1.5 hours……….$400
Executive Level Session 2.0 hours……….$520

Telephone Appointments:

Energetic Healing, Akashic Records, Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Other Intuitive Services

30 minutes……….$120
45 minutes……….$180
60 minutes……….$240

On-Site Appointments (within 10 miles of the office):

Ceremonial House Blessing 1 hour……….$280
Energetic House Cleansing and/or Ceremonial House Blessing 2 hours……….$520

Energetic Business Analysis Packages (call for rates)

***all prices are subject to change without prior notification

Please contact Nicole by phone at 916-801-8211 or by email at to schedule an appointment!

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