meditation-grid_thumb“Color-Puncture is a safe and wonderful way to open up the body’s energetic channels and Nikki’s knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. More importantly, she consistently creates a safe and nurturing space to heal.”

~Dr. Dina Keon, D.C.


“I almost couldn’t believe the immediate impact color-puncture had on my life. I felt lighter in spirit, happier in my thoughts, calmer in my moods, clearer in my thinking and my painful knee was 10 times better by the end of my second appointment. The benefits have lasted and they compound with each treatment.”

~Jennifer R., Waldorf School Teacher


“When I come off of Nikki’s table, my head is clearer, I’m able to focus, I feel purposeful, and renewed!”

~Kea C., Healing Intuitive


“My session was amazing! I could feel the stimulation each time she worked on a meridian! Unblocking energy with color/light vibration is brilliant… I was open, calm and energized afterward.”

~Katie D., Certified Nutrition Counselor

“I have visited Nicole for the last six months.  She has done great work.  She is friendly, very intuitive and her place is very inviting and relaxing.  Every time I leave her sessions I feel renewed, centered, relaxed and at peace.  

I have had Thyroid problems for a few years and my hormone levels have been all over the place.  I have tried a lot of conventional medicine, but had not been able to stabilize my hormone levels.  After a few visits she have been able to stabilize them.  I did not believe on energy treatment or light puncture, but after visiting her and seeing my lab works improved and stabilized, since then I can swear by it.  I don’t know how it works, but I just know it does.

I never tried Reiki before and I’m very thankful I have been able to get the treatment from this great healer, Nicole.

I highly recommend her.”

~ Elda P., Engineer

“Nicole Mark is a professional, experienced & caring, practitioner of many holistic healing modalities including healing Color-Puncture. I went to see Nicole for the first time in January 2013, looking for relief from debilitating back pain after 5 back surgeries. I was amazed walking out of her office after the first treatment, I stopped realizing I was walking straighter & felling more energy than I had felt in a very long time. From that point on, I continued feeling better & realized after a few weeks, I was 99% free of back pain everyday for the first time in 46 years!! I received the gift of getting my life back. It sounds dramatic because it is. I remain nearly pain free after a year. It may seem hard to believe but it’s true & my family & friends will back up the huge physical improvements made in my life. I continue seeing Nicole for other physical issues that I have. 

Nicole uses color-puncture, which is non invasive & uses crystal, light & color which provides healing therapy. She also uses Reiki, essential oils depending on what I need. She also has an arsenal of additional Holistic treatments she can apply as a client may need. 

I don’t have enough words to express how the treatments have changed my life. I can say that after seeing the changes in me, at least 6 family members have seen Nicole for treatments of various issues. Plus a few friends & several strangers that I have met & told about my healing experience with Nicole. I also want to mention that this very talented lady has provided treatment long distance to a few of my family members and the treatments are just as effective. My kids, grandkids & great grandkids have had successful treatments as well.”

Karen E., Business Consultant

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