Jessica Carlson – Vibrational Energy Practitioner and Integration Specialist

Jessica Carlson, Vibrational Energy Practitioner & Integration Specialist


A heart-centered, healing experience with Jessica awaits you with energetic and vibrational therapies, empowering intuitive communication, compassion and mindfulness. Her gentle, down to earth style provides support in a safe and comfortable environment. Work with Jessica to harmonize your energy, amplify your personal vibration and step into your personal.

Moving through daily life, we can develop attachments, weaknesses and blockages in our energetic layers or subtle bodies. Our subtle bodies are made up of layers of vibrational energy, each of which has their own vibration and purpose. Our auras for example, are directly connected with our chakra system, which intricately effects our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. Healing modalities such as Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing and Vibrational Therapy work to clean up and resolve these imbalances, regardless of how big or small they may be. Energetic blocks can manifest into all sorts of unpleasant things from emotional instability to physical pain, illness and dis-ease. Regular maintenance of our energy field can heal past and present issues as well as prevent issues from developing. Energy healing is also a great way to reduce stress and bring balance into the fast-paced world we live in. For those who have experienced intuitive abilities, starseeds, empaths and others, Jessica specializes in integrating and coding new frequencies, removing old programming and provides support throughout the ascension and remembering process.

Jessica is a Certified Vibrational Energy Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master, Master of Reiki , Certified Sound Healer and Life Coach.

Every client treatment is unique and may include a combination of modalities.

Treatments may include any combination of the following:Energy Healing
Vibrational Medicine
Chakra Balancing
Chinese Energetic Medicine
Crystal Work/Consultations
Sound Therapy
Light Codes
Essential oil treatment
Life coaching
Intuitive counseling
Distance Reiki

The above treatments are meant to facilitate/support:

Cellular healing
Remove blockages, cords, attachments
Grounding, Balancing
Release trauma
Shadow work
Light Body Activation
Bio-energy Field Upgrades
Integration Support
Awakening Process
Mood Disorders
Greif and Loss
Spiritual Development
Mind-Body Connection
Relationship Issues
Familial Patterns

Private Sessions:

60 Minute Session: $125.00

90 Minute Session: $185.00

Remote/Phone Session:

30 Minute Session: $75.00

60 Minute Session: $125.00

Contact Jessica at (916)765-8719 or to schedule your appointment.


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