FREE Energetic Golden Age Healing Transmission in Fair Oaks this August 15 at 7pm!

Are you ready for an energetic boost? During my visit to California I will be offering a FREE energetic healing session. Join me! We will use our time together to open the portals for a download of new golden age geometries. As always, we will cater the session to whatever may be appearing in the field at the moment. I hope to see you there!

August 15th, 2018 7-8 pm

Earth Day Healing -April 22, 2018 FREE 2 hour Event with a FREE gift!

Morphogenetic Plasmic Field Rishi Code of ASDon’t miss this incredible opportunity to indulge a FREE healing and awareness seminar happening April 22nd at 10am. In this incredible healing event you will be exposed to some of the newest, purest and most potent forms of energetic, source derived, healing vibrations. You will gain an understanding of these encodements, why they are here and how they were brought to earth. You will also gain advanced levels of insight about your bio-energetic field, how it works, what it looks like and how we can heal it using the programming language of the universe. We will do an extensive, life changing and FREE healing event during the seminar and we will also be giving you a FREE gift of healing that you can use everyday for the rest of your life! This event has been in the making for over a year, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Don’t miss out, an announcement will be sent through our newsletter, so sign up if you haven’t already!


Join Us for a FREE Earth Day Event
and Bio-Energy Field UPGRADE!
Experience ~ Expand ~ Explore
The Earth’s Vibrations Are Rising and Your Bio-Energy Field is Changing Fast! It’s time for an UPGRADE!
Learn What is Happening, How It is Effecting You, and What You Need to Do to Integrate and THRIVE Through These Profound Shifts!
Let’s Honor Our Great Mother with a
Massive Education and Cutting-Edge Healing
During This Very Special LIVE Event!
Hello my loves! As always, I hope this email finds you all healthy, growing, integrating and aligning to your highest level of beings!
I have a VERY special announcement! And I want to invite you to be a part of a VERY special event!
So many of my clients have described feeling “stuck”, whether in an emotional pattern that won’t budge, in an aspect of physical health that won’t heal, in a mysterious alignment to some sort of stagnant energy or in a failure loop that won’t allow them to expand into the next level of consciousness.
There are so many different aspects of our Bio-Energy Fields that are keeping us “plugged in” to old beliefs, rigid patterns and dysfunctional behaviors that just don’t support us or align us to our true selves.
These impediments to our personal growth are becoming more and more disruptive as the Earth’s frequency is rising and the world is changing so rapidly! We need to keep up! In fact, we need to be ahead of the shift, instead of behind it!
It’s time to finally understand what is happening in your metaphysical form, what exactly is holding you back from reaching that next level on your healing journey and to experience a meaningful shift in the direction of your own liberation.
INTRODUCING A new quantum healing program: Liberation Codes!
According to the laws of attraction and the principles of unity consciousness, when we heal ourselves, we change the world.
Liberation Codes is a new healing platform that allows us to deliver some of the highest, most modern, radically liberating healing frequencies available to mankind.
Developing a delivery system for working with these codes and aligning myself to become a supportive resource to humanity as we desperately try to integrate and shift through these high vibrational surges of light, has been the most fulfilling transition in my career, and working with these highly intelligent codes has been one of the most profound experiences on my healing journey.
I am thrilled to be one of the first in the world to share this healing experience with YOU, and it has now become my life’s purpose to make these high vibration codes (derived directly from Source) available to as much of humanity as possible through this new healing platform.
I am super excited to be a part of this healing movement and to share it with YOU during a LIVE event on EARTH DAY!
During this event, we will be giving you an incredible education about what the “codes” are and how they work. And together, we will experience a quantum healing event that will change the way you look at vibrational medicine forever!
Are you ready to take a big leap in your personal awareness? Can you feel the Earth’s vibration rising and the passing of “time” accelerating? Can you feel your own vibrations pulsing in and out of stability? Do you have the sense that there is something untouchable, or maybe invisible, that you are supposed to know? That the answers to your questions are just out of reach, but right in front of you? We are going to address these issues and SO MUCH MORE!
Don’t miss this AMAZING opportunity!
This is a special LIVE event and it wont be offered again any time soon!
What’s more, is this special event is being offered by invitation only, to my personal friends, family, students and patrons of the Awakening Healing Arts Center (and since the question has already been asked several times – yes, you can share the event link with your friends and family as well – the more the merrier for all of the world).
So NOW is the time to take advantage of this free healing event and education, and to discover how you can be a part of the development phase of this new life altering healing platform. It will be a LIVE event which means you can get answers to your questions as they arise, and you will be able to experience a LIVE healing as well!
The Liberation Codes are the most cutting edge approach to addressing stagnation and resistance in the human bio energy field.
Join me for this LIVE event, filled to the brim with insights and explanations, AND experience a few of these amazing new codes for yourself!
When: Earth Day, April 22, at 10 am PST
What: Introduction to Liberation Codes Special Earth Day Event
  • Thorough education on the Bio-Energy Field
  • How your Bio-Energy Field serves you, how it becomes damaged and how the codes stimulate healing
  • Exactly how to liberate your Bio-Energy Field from stagnation and blockages that have been created from low-frequency emotions, and traumas in this lifetime, past lifetimes, even in your ancestry
  • Explain the programming language of the universe
  • How the programming language of the universe works and how we can use it to create something new that is in alignment with your highest level of being
  • Work with a few of these amazing new codes!!!
Next Steps:
1. Mark your calendar! Save the date in your smartphone. Write a reminder on a post-it. Set an alarm. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are present for this exciting event!
2. Watch your email inbox for the access link. We will send you a link to the event prior to the webinar time. Make sure to check your email then and click the link to join us live in the webinar!
3. Again, when we heal ourselves, we change the world. Forward this email to share this incredible opportunity with your loved ones – friends, family, co-workers, etc.
4. Plan to be in a quiet area, with minimal distraction for this 2-hour event.
5. See you next Sunday, April 22 at 10 am PST!
Be an integral part of the Liberation Codes premier launch and development!
Watch for the email that will link you to this special LIVE experience.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you.
We look forward to chatting with you LIVE on Sunday, April 22!

Akashic Records Workshop

March 31, 2018 9am – 4pm

call or text 916-801-8211 to hold your space

A Special Workshop (optional to the BLYSS Method Master Certification Curriculum)

Prerequisites: none (Module 2 BLYSS Method is recommended)

Curriculum: Are you on a path of self discovery and thirsting to know more? Why am I here? What am I missing? Am I on the right path?

We have all been born to this time space matrix for a reason. Every human expression has divine purpose, and guidance to support you at the highest level of your being is ALWAYS available to you. Many seekers will turn to psychics and energy workers for answers to their questions. And for some, this will be the right path to take. However, there are some who know in the core of their being that the answers are within them, and that “someday” they will be able to tap into that knowledge, wisdom and insight for themselves. Well that day has come.

The Akashic Records are a conscious living reference library for each and every individualized soul expression in the cosmos. Within this library are the records of all your previous incarnations: every thought, word, feeling, deed and intention that you have ever experienced. If you could imagine a conscious, living, compassionate knowledge base that holds the entire history of every soul since the beginning of “time” and holds an intention to support all expressions of life in their evolution toward unconditionally loving consciousness, then you could scratch the surface of what the Akashic Records are, and how they serve all of humanity through the wisdom of the divine mind. The Akashic Records love us, guide us and nurture us endlessly. The Akashic Records hold no judgement, only love, and they are intimately connected to every miniscule aspect of your own personal evolution and to every aspect of your human consciousness and its expansive journey. The Akashic Records teach you, guide you and influence you in your everyday life, your relationships, your feelings and belief systems, and they embody the ever changing potential future realities that we draw into our fields through our own ever expanding and deepening awareness.

And these records are available to us all. You do not need to be Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner or a trained psychic to access them. The records are always there for you. You just need to be ready and willing to align your life to the highest levels of truth! Whether you have taken other classes with me, or this will be your first, if you are feeling called to learn to read your own Akashic Records or to access the records for a client or a loved one, then NOW is the time to grow into this new ability.

Please join us for a fun, interactive and transformative Akashic Records Workshop. In this class you will learn how to access your records and how to use them to support you in all aspects of your life. This skill, once developed, will always be with you. And the Akashic Records, once accessed, will always guide you with divine insight and golden age unconditional love! Honor your inner calling to know yourself at the highest possible level, and sign up for this class today!

​This will be a one day workshop.

Cost: $299


Subscribing is easy, quick and painless!

Click to Subscribe

Summer and Fall 2017 Schedule

The Awakening Healing Arts Center is proud to announce BLYSS Method Modules One and Two and Three, and Reiki Master Certification Courses! Check out these amazing opportunities to feed your soul! Interested in learning the most advanced and effective energetic healing techniques while expanding your consciousness to new heights? Would you like to have access to free weekly practice groups and have an amazing opportunity to heal your friends and family for FREE? Check out these 4 incredible classes! A line-up like this rarely happens, so if this is something you have been wanting to explore… NOW is the time! Join us for these highly activating, super expansive and FUN courses this summer at The Awakening Healing Arts Center!

BLYSS Method Module 1 

Date: July 21-23 and July 26

Introduction to Vibrational Medicine and
Reiki Level 1 Certification

Prerequisites: none

Objectives: Are you ready to start making changes in your life that you never thought were possible? Are you ready to get to the root of all the imbalance in your life? Are you ready to heal yourself, your friends your family, your community and the planet? All of this is possible and much, much, more. In BLYSS Method Module 1, you will be introduced to the basic principles of vibrational medicine and quantum theory. You will learn to use your own body is a vibrational tool, allowing you to heal with your hands, as well as to heal with your mind. You will begin to understand the relationship between body, mind and spirit. During this course, you will perform both as the client and as the practitioner. There will be hands-on training as well as hands on healing. The weekend will be filled with moments of expansion, healing, and learning. At the end of this weekend course, you will be able to use your hands and your mind is a healing tool and you will be able to affect positive changes in yourself and in the people that you love. You will become a Level One Certified Reiki Practitioner as well! It’s time to tap into your limitless potential and your highest level of being. If you only take one BLYSS Method Module, this is THE ONE!

Curriculum: Quantum Theory, Metaphysical Theory, Chinese Energetic Healing, Vibrational Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Basic physical and non-physical human anatomy, Reiki Level 1, and so much more! This course will also include several hours of energetic healing for all participants.
Cost: $495

BLYSS Method Module 2
Introduction to Intuitive Medicine and
Reiki Level 2 Certification

Date: August 18-20 and the 24th

Prerequisites: Module 1

Objectives: In module one we learned that at the most subatomic level we are made of light. We are all beings of light and therefore we are all connected through the quantum energy field. Because of this, we can rely upon Applied kinesiology to detect dysfunctional energetic pathways, and we can use our minds to strengthen energetic weaknesses. This skill will always be with us and can be absolutely relied upon. So why do we need intuition? How does intuition play a role in our ability to help ourselves and to help others? We are all intuitive beings and using your intuition is your birthright. The truth is that somewhere buried deep inside your unconscious mind, you have all the answers. The key to the universe is within you because you are the universe itself. When you give yourself permission to unlock your own mind, you might find that your perception of this world completely changes. You might find that you have access to information you never even knew existed. And when it comes to healing yourself and healing others, you might find that your intuition enables you to deepen your understanding of the issue and to find the pathway to freedom far faster then with muscle testing and focused mental intention. In this course, we will start Excavating the blockages that stand between you and your highest potential as a fully intuitive human expression of our cosmos. We will help you to find the confidence that you need to trust yourself and trust the messages as they start coming through from the other side of the veil. And we will show you how this vital part of who you truly are can enhance your healing abilities. This is an important journey for all of humankind, and the time to get started is NOW.

Curriculum: In addition to lots of intuitive play, we will be taking an in depth look at the Chakras and the vibrational quality of each Chakra, we will be learning about the 4 brains, we will certify all students as Level 2 Reiki practitioners, we will practice remote healing and group healing and we will have lots of one on one practice as well as healing demonstrations throughout the weekend. This course will include several hours of energetic healing for all participants.

Cost: $495

BLYSS Method Module 3
Consciousness Expansion and the Metaphysical Realm


September 8, 2017 from 7-8:30
September 9, 2017 from 10am – 5pm
September 10, 2017 from 10am – 5pm


October 6, 2017 7-8:30pm
October 7, 2017 from 10am – 5pm
October 8, 2017 from 10am – 5pm

Prerequisites: Modules 1 and 2

Objectives: In the BLYSS Method beginning coursework, much has been covered: Applied Kinesiology, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Intuitive Medicine, basic anatomy, the chakra system and more. In BLYSS Method Module 3, we will be focusing on the advancement of our intuitive abilities as well as the deepening of our metaphysical understanding of the human being, particularly  focusing on the meridians and the auric layers. Working in the meridian body and in the auric body are critical abilities of the light worker. The meridian system links the physical realm to the metaphysical realm and is at the root of some very important healing systems such as Chinese medicine, Accupuncture, Colorpuncture, and all forms of energetic healing. The auric body begins with your etheric body which extends beyond your physical being out into the world. The auric body presents in layers, and understanding each of the layers presents innumerable opportunities for healing and will allow you to take your healing practice to the next level. Ultimately however, this module will focus on the feeling of intuition, so fine tuning your perception will play a big role in this workshop. You can look forward to a lot of intuitive play and exploration as well as a lot of fortification and healing. All participants will be assisted on their journey through energetic attunement and strengthening

Curriculum: In addition to lots of intuitive play, we will be taking an in depth look at the Meridians and Auras. We will have lots of one on one practice as well as healing demonstrations throughout the weekend. This course will include several hours of energetic healing for all participants.

Cost: $495

A Special Workshop (optional to the BLYSS Method Master Certification Curriculum)


November 11, 2017 from 10am – 5pm
November 12, 2017 from 10am – 5pm

Prerequisites: Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Plus 100 hours of Reiki Practice

Curriculum: This will be a two day workshop. At the completion of this workshop you will be authorized to market yourself as a “Reiki Master” and you will be able to teach Reiki!

Cost: $399


Women’s Temple is Back!


TBA – $50

Nourishing the Souls of Women…

Women’s Temple is a sacred space, a circle of women who are ready to explore the power and grace of their divine femininity. Are you ready to allow the goddess within you to emerge? Are you ready to be nurtured and loved as you are meant to be?

Through simple feminine practices involving gentle movement, guided meditation and respectful touch we will guide you to a place of your deepest (be) longing – to be seen, honored and loved exactly as you are.

It’s time, sister, it’s time. Come drink from the well of sisterhood and divine inspiration!

Join us Monday, June  6th, 7-9 pm for a Women’s Temple hosted by Isis Melchizedek and Rama Gulati. Space is limited, so register today!

Date TBA

A Constellation Workshop for Everyone!

Rama Gulati is feeling the call to offer another Constellation Workshop. Unlike her past offerings which have been around a theme such as a “Healthy and Conscious Relationship with Food” or “Moms and Sons”, this circle is a general workshop with one reserved constellation and ample time for several spontaneous short constellations (“espressos”) – so bring your questions and be guided by the ever compassionate knowing field. The workshop will be on: Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 9:30am to 1:00pm at The Awakening Healing Arts Center (9722 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite D) and the cost is $150 for a constellation and FREE to simply attend and represent. Please join Rama for a day of deep feeling and magical shifts. The field is stirring and ready to work through you! Call Rama at 916-402-4019 to reserve your space!

Date TBA

Make Your Own Crystal Healing Mobile!

Make your own healing art! Have you seen the crystal mobiles at The Awakening Healing Arts Center? Have you always wanted one for yourself? Nicole is finally teaching a crystal mobile making class! Register NOW, space is limited! Crystal mobiles are energizing, healing and beautiful! Join us for a 4 hour workshop and make your own customized crystal healing mobile! You will learn the basic principles of mobile making as well as how to intuitively choose your healing stones. All materials will be provided for a medium sized mobile with approximately 10 highly energized crystals and glass or gemstone beads. Class will begin with setting a clear intention for the healing vibration of your mobile and will close with an energetic blessing for your mobile to serve you (or the recipient) at the highest level of being. This class is appropriate for adults and children age 13 and up. Space is limited. Cost for this workshop is $130, all materials and a personalized blessing from Nicole are included. If you would like to provide your own crystals and beads, you may deduct $30 from the class price. Sack lunches are encouraged. Please call Nicole at 916-801-8211 to reserve your space.

Date TBA

Crystal Mobile Workshop for Children!

Welcome the holiday season with a Crystal mobile workshop for children! Crystal mobile making is fun and therapeutic! This project will enhance a child’s self-esteem and also be a lot of fun! Each child will set an intention for their mobile: How will this mobile support me (or the recipient) in life? Will it be healing in nature? Will it be beautiful? Both? Will it be a gift? or is it for me?, etc. Then we will make a small mobile using simple mobile making principles that can easily be repeated at home. Each crystal will be hand selected by your child and they will be encouraged to use their intention and intuition in that process. When the mobiles are finished they may   share with the class their intention for their mobile, receive a blessing for their mobile and receive a written description of their mobile’s healing powers. This class will be age appropriate for 7-12 year olds and space is limited. The workshop will last approximately 3 hours and the cost of $75 includes all materials. Each child will be asked to bring tidy finger food to share with the class. Please call Nicole at 916-801-8211 to reserve your child’s space.

large buddhas-enlightenmentTRANSCENDING RESISTANCE

Workshops do not need to be attended in any particular order and all workshops are highly effective as a stand alone experience. You do not need to take all of the workshops in a Series. You will likely find benefit with all workshops even if you do not particularly resonate with the descriptions provided below. Workshop descriptions are intended to describe the inspiration for a workshop, but workshops will often take on a life of their own. We will always allow for ourselves to follow the “flow” of a workshop. Please come with an open mind and an open heart.

Biography Series #1 – Ages 0-14

Together we will take a look at our life stories, beginning with the first year of life and working up to age 14. We will examine any areas of our biographies where we do not feel total acceptance and work together to bring peace to our core beings. Let’s open our heart’s to the beauty and divinity of our destined experiences and release any unsupportive programming that we may have acquired along the way. Please join me in this powerful excavation of the soul!

*Attending another Biography Series Workshop before or after this one is not required.

Biography Series #2 – Ages 15-28

Together we will take a look at our life stories, beginning with the 15th year of life and working up to age 28. We will examine any areas of our biographies where we do not feel total acceptance and work together to bring peace to our core beings. Let’s open our heart’s to the beauty and divinity of our destined experiences and release any unsupportive programming that we may have acquired along the way. Please join me in this powerful excavation of the soul!

*Attending another Biography Series Workshop before or after this one is not required.

Biography Series #3 – Ages 29-42

Together we will take a look at our life stories, beginning with the 29th year of life and working up to age 42. We will examine any areas of our biographies where we do not feel total acceptance and work together to bring peace to our core beings. Let’s open our heart’s to the beauty and divinity of our destined experiences and release any unsupportive programming that we may have acquired along the way. Please join me in this powerful excavation of the soul!

*Attending another Biography Series Workshop before or after this one is not required.

Biography Series #4 – Ages 43-100

Together we will take a look at our life stories, beginning with the 43rd year of life and working up to age 100 or beyond. We will examine any areas of our biographies where we do not feel total acceptance and work together to bring peace to our core beings. Let’s open our heart’s to the beauty and divinity of our destined experiences and release any unsupportive programming that we may have acquired along the way. Please join me in this powerful excavation of the soul!

*Attending another Biography Series Workshop before or after this one is not required.
Destiny Series #1 – Confronting the Past

In this workshop we will begin by examining any and all factions of the past where you feel resistance or pain when remembering particular events or generalized notions of the past. Is there a memory that you don’t like to think about? Is there a relationship you’d like to forget? Are you happy with how your past may affect your future? Let’s work together to remove triggers associated with past experiences so that we can move forward into a future of infinite potential!

Destiny Series #2 – Examining the Present

In this workshop we will begin by examining our life in this very moment. What are the things you are happy about? Where would you like to see improvement? Can you see the divinity of your current life circumstances? When we reach a state of acceptance, we find peace and the universe provides us with everything we need. Let’s work together to identify the path we are on and to step into the flow if we are not already there!

Destiny Series #3 – Manifesting the Future

Did you know that your future is your own creation? When you are in the flow, you can manifest anything you want! A loving life partner, a successful career, spiritual awareness and the list goes on! What do you want to manifest? What is holding you back? Are you in the flow? Or are you surviving your life? Let’s look at the obstacles that lay between us in this very moment and the future we want to create for ourselves. Together we can transcend the resistance and align ourselves with true destiny!
Relationship Series #1 – Our Parents

When you think about your parents, what is the first thought or feeling that comes up? Is it appreciation and acceptance? Our parents are our first teachers and the impact their influence has had over us is too big to measure. Often times that influence transcends this time and space and sometimes it is difficult to see the divinity in the role our parents have played to bring us to the place we are in at this very moment. How is the way you feel about your mother or your father affecting you today? Let’s work together to release any “negative” emotions related to our parents and set an intention for our children to do the same!

Relationship Series #2 – Children

Often times when we look at the relationship from a parent to a child, the issues of control, guilt and fear are revealed. Is your child making “good” decisions? Are you afraid for your child’s future? Do you feel guilty for (fill in the blank)? Can you see the benefit in allowing your child to fall? Is it hard for you to withhold your comments or criticisms when your child makes an obvious error? What do you want to change about your relationship with your child? Let’s release and transcend all resistance!

Relationship Series #3 – Birth Family Saga

Every family has a story. What is yours? How is it effecting you today? What is your role in the story? What would you like to change? Is your heart open to all members of your family? Is your heart open to the way you experience your family? Which family cycles do you want to perpetuate into your nuclear family? What part of your Family Saga no longer supports you? Let’s wipe the slate clean and release all resistance to unconditionally loving your family and it’s Saga! Let’s move into a place of recognition for the divine plan of your life!

Relationship Series #4 – Marriage/Life Partner

Unconditional love. We all want it. We all want to give it. What holds us back from having the kind of relationship we have always dreamed of? What stands in our way? We can work together to manifest the relationship we have always wanted. We can release emotional baggage that no longer supports us and expand our hearts to accept our loved ones exactly as they are in this moment. We can appreciate the past and welcome the future. Let’s look at why we chose our life partner/spouse and how the relationship still supports us today. Together we can remove the obstacles standing between us and the relationships we most truly desire. Together we can move into a space of gratitude, unconditional love and fearlessness!

Relationship Series #5 – Resolving the Past

When you think about your past, is there a relationship that you feel uncomfortable thinking about? An old love relationship? An ex-best friend? A teacher? How are the memories of those relationships still effecting you? Let’s expand our thinking and our hearts as we move through memories of old relationships and resolve the influence of the past on our present day lives.

Relationship Series #6 – Any/All Relationships

This workshop will focus on healing any and all relationships. When you think about all the relationships in your life, which one is bothering you the most right now? Why? How would you like to see that relationship change? Join this workshop and experience the transformation as you move from a place of resistance, to a place of acceptance and peace.

Relationship Series #7 – Money, Money, Money

How do you relate to money? Is it a means to an end? Is it happiness and freedom? Is it safety? When did your relationship with money first begin? Does your family have a financial lineage that explains your current relationship with money? Do you always have enough? Do you always need more? Are you afraid of wealth? Do you relate money with success? Let’s release the energy stored around these concepts, and more! Together we can release our programming around money and manifest a future unhindered by the past!

Relationship Series #8 – Loving Thyself

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Are you as committed to yourself as you are to your partner? to your children? or best friend? How much time do you spend caring for yourself? Are you critical of yourself? of your failures? of your imperfections? Do you know yourself better than anyone else? Do you love yourself more than anyone else? When you think about loving yourself more than anyone else, how does that make you feel? Let’s take this pivotal journey together and clear the programming that teaches us neglectful and self sacrificing behaviors, and let’s move into a place where we can find enjoyment, fulfillment and appreciation for every precious moment that we exist on the earth in these human forms!
Abundance Series #1 – Resolving Career Conflicts and Manifesting Wealth

Have you honored your true life purpose? Are you passionate about your career? How do you feel about your relationships at work? Are you ready to let go of any resistance to success? Are you ready to be wealthy? What aspects of your life will change when you become wealthy? How will your relationships change when you manifest wealth? What is wealth to you? Let’s look at all of these questions and more! Together we can move closer to attaining the career and wealth we most desire!

Abundance Series #2 – Creating Joy and Safety

What brings you a feeling of peace? Joy? Safety? Are you ready to bring more of that into your life? If so, then we need to let go of our alignments with fear, sadness, guilt and suffering. Together we will examine our feelings and transmute them into something new and supportive to living a life filled with peace, joy and serenity!

Abundance Series #3 – Looking Back and Moving On

How have you experienced abundance or a lack of abundance in the past? What was your family’s financial status when you were young? How was love expressed? Were you happy? Were your parents happy? How did you experience safety as a child? What were your friendships like? Who demonstrated to you what “abundance” looks like? Let’s take a look at the past, release all resistance and expand the possibilities for your future.

Abundance Series #4 – Karma

What do you want to manifest the most? Is it love? Safety? Money? Joy? Together we will take a look at what we most desire and any Karmas we may have created around those desires. We will also look at our belief systems around Karma in general, and release any blockages created by our beliefs. Can we transcend our own Karma? And if so… should we?

Abundance Series #5 – Love, Love, Love

How do you experience love in your life and where do you most easily find it? Would you like to create more love? Are you better at giving love than receiving it? How much do you love yourself? When was the last time you experienced UNCONDITIONAL love? Manifesting a reality with new love, more love or unconditional love is always a possibility! Let’s explore and excavate and create LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Introduction to Vibrational Medicine –

Lecture and Demonstration – June 15, 2014

Location: The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio

Time: TBA

Facilitator – Nicole Mark

Relationships – Transcending Resistance OTH Healing Workshop – July 6, 2014

Location: The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $20

Facilitator – Nicole Mark

Wealth – Transcending Resistance OTH Healing Workshop – July 13, 2014

Location: The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $20

Facilitator – Nicole Mark

Health – Transcending Resistance OTH Healing Workshop – July 20, 2014

Location: The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $20

Facilitator – Nicole Mark

Spirituality – Transcending Resistance OTH Healing Workshop – July 27, 2014

Location: The Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $20

Facilitator – Nicole Mark

Most workshops can be hosted at venues other than The Awakening Healing Arts Center. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your school, church, office, yoga studio, club or any other location, please contact us. Special considerations can be made for non-profit organizations so please ask for details.

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